For Youth, Through Faith.

A multi-faceted approach of legislative advocacy and direct service to support restorative justice for juveniles.

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Healing Justice Coalition perceives crime as a violation of people and relationships. Offenders, victims and the community all share the collective, painful experience, but must transcend the brokenness to take responsibility for healing relationships. In this process, we seek to involve offenders, their families, the community, schools, universities, religious leaders and their congregations.
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March is Juvenile Justice Month of Faith and Healing!

Register to participate with your prayers, service, and action.



Volunteer for us, donate, pray… whatever you want to do, take action today and be part of a movement for justice.


Your donation will help us protect young people in our community and give them the chance to become healthy productive adults.


Volunteers are a treasured resource for our organization. There are many opportunities for you to join us in our mission.


Please join us in praying for the lost youth in our community. Find resources for those who wish to pray for justice.