InterfaithHealing Justice Coalition is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, economically diverse coalition of faith based organizations that provide support for and advocate on behalf of children and families involved in Los Angeles County’s and California’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  Our membership includes Protestants of several denominations, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists and Sikhs.  Our philosophies, beliefs and practices are even more diverse than this simple list indicates.  We are all able to coalesce around the need to protect young people in our community who are in the custody of the state and to give them the chance to become healthy productive adults.  Because we are faith communities, we believe in the strength of the human spirit, the possibility of repentance and redemption and the importance of rooting the individual in the wider community.


 buttonJuvenile Justice Month of Faith and Healing

Dear Friends,

Juvenile Justice Month of Faith and Healing (JJMFH) is an annual event that unites congregations of all faith traditions, high schools and universities in California to raise awareness of individual, community, and social needs arising from the current juvenile justice system. The month is a time to open our hearts and minds through prayer, education, service, and advocacy.

Please join us! Click here to register and go to our JJMFH page to find out what you can do.


  • During JJMFH faith communities call for a justice system that promotes healing.

  • During JJMFH schools inspire their students by putting a face on issues of justice.