Our Accomplishments

  • Advocated successfully to end the use of the adult jail to confine youth awaiting trial as adults.  Conditions in the jail included 23 – 24 hour isolation, lack of education, recreation and mental health services.
  • Developed legislation to mitigate the harsh effects of Proposition 21, which vastly expanded the number of children tried as adults.
  • Organized visits by religious leaders to state and local institutions.
  • Ended censorship of chaplains working in county correctional facilities.
  • Advocated successfully to allow grandparents to visit their loved in the L.A. County juvenile halls and camps.
  • Advocated successfully to add a second day of family visits at the juvenile halls.
  • Developed and implemented direct service programs for detained youth.
  • Formed the Clergy Advisory Committee that regularly meets with the Chief of Probation to advocate for improving conditions of confinement.

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