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People often need the help of slip-and-fall attorneys, especially with over 25,000 estimated falls, slips, and trip accidents that happen daily in the United States. There are plenty of laws and guidelines around construction areas and properties, but even then, accidents don’t “just happen”.

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Most people don’t know that Houston includes 9 counties, including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Brazoria County, Galveston County, as well as Liberty, Chambers, Waller, and Austin County. This creates a tremendous amount of slip & fall lawsuits coming out of the Greater Houston Area. We recommend the following attorneys.

Rasheed Taylor

Attorney R. Taylor has his main office located just inside the 610 Loop. However, we should note that an office visit is not absolutely necessary, and you should call Attorney Taylor (832) 463-1003 to set up an over the phone consultation where you can discuss your injuries with him. Then he will help you decide the best way to move forward.

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We found Attorney Taylor to have several 5-Star Reviews on Google and Facebook. You can click here to read all of his reviews and also find directions to his office.

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Weber Law Firm

If you were recently injured, make sure to contact a Houston personal injury lawyer before accepting any compensation from the insurance company. Without the informed insight of an attorney guiding you, it is possible that you could be given a sum that is much less than you may be entitled to. At the Weber Law Firm, our attorneys are here to help you through this trying time. Not only can you get our skilled representation, but you will not be required to pay any fees unless we win. –GulfCoastFirm.com

Farrah Martinez, PLLC

At Farrah Martinez, PLLC, Farrah, a slip and fall attorney handles slip and fall cases where an individual enters the property of another and has been seriously injured as a result of a dangerous condition. This can occur through a slip and fall on a wet floor at a retail center, a trip and fall over an out of place object or an uneven surface or even a fall from broken stairs at an apartment complex that occurred on a property owned by another. –InjuryLawyerHou.com

Law Offices of Houston M. Smith, P.C.

For more than 20 years, the Law Offices of Houston M. Smith, P.C., has been representing injury victims in Kaufman, Rockwall, Forney, Terrell, Dallas, Hunt, Henderson and the surrounding counties. We are a small, but passionate group of attorneys committed to fighting for your right to compensation following an accident injury.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to minimize claims and delay or deny compensation. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side! We know their tricks and will fight hard for the compensation you deserve. –HoustonSmith.com

Larry B. Douglas, Attorney At Law

In addition to possessing a vast amount of legal experience and knowledge, Larry B. Douglas is also an active participant in his local community and a member of various professionalorganizations. Please explore the rest of this page to learn more about his qualifications,professional experience and affiliations.LarryBDouglas.com

Calehr & Associates

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Haroen Calehr started practicing law right after graduating from Texas Southern University, J.D, in 2001, and then followed by graduating from Tulane Law School, LL.M., in 2002 where he received his Master in Law in Admiralty and Maritime Law. Prior to pursing his LL.M, Haroen worked for two Houston law firms, a U.S. Federal Magistrate Judge, and U.S. Bankruptcy Judge. Haroen is fluent in Dutch, German, and Indonesian.

Haroen currently focuses his practice in the following areas of the law: Litigation, Personal Injury, Admiralty Law, Immigration Law, Corporate Law, Bankruptcy, and Criminal Law. –CalehrLawFirm.com

Mukerji Law Firm

Sam Mukerji believes the law was made to protect individuals from the wrongdoing of irresponsible individuals and corporations. –MukerjiLaw.com

Lapeze & Johns, PLLC

Texas attorneys Keith Lapeze and Chris Johns formed Lapeze & Johns PLLC because they knew that their wealth of shared experience working at the most prestigious law firms and with the most successful trial lawyers in the country would make them an extremely formidable team. When opposing lawyers see that they are up against Keith and Chris, they know that they are going against “A-Team” lawyers and better be ready for a tough fight.

A proven history of success combined with a deep passion for achieving excellent results for their clients is what sets Lapeze & Johns apart from so many other law firms in Texas who claim to be the “real deal”, but simply don’t have the experience, skills, or results to show for it. –LapezeJohns.com

John K. Zaid & Associates

Houston personal injury attorney John K. Zaid is dedicated to helping people who have suffered serious personal injuries and/or death and assisting families that have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle collision, car accident, workplace injury, dog bite or any other personal injury accident, attorney John K. Zaid is here to offer aggressive and relentless representation combined with personal one-on-one attention. –ZaidLaw.com

Jeff Todd

Jeff Todd has a broad range of legal experience and has practiced law in numerous jurisdictions and settings. Upon graduating from law school, he practiced reinsurance law at Chadbourne & Park in Washington, D.C. He subsequently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and initially served as in-house counsel to Delta Air Lines, focusing primarily on marketing and mergers. In search of acquiring more courtroom experience, he joined a high volume workers’ compensation firm in Decatur, Georgia, where he successfully represented hundreds of injured workers throughout Georgia. –JeffToddLaw.com

Le Law Group, PLLC

We help our clients understand their rights regarding each issue and give them a realistic assessment of their case. There are mainly two choices in domestic relations cases—settle before trial or proceed to trial. While the choice is our clients to make, we will be there every step of the way to give our clients the benefits and risks associated with both of these choices so that our clients can make an informed decision in one of the most important issue of their lives. Every case is different and as such each legal consultation must be given on a case-by-case basis.  –LeLawTX.com

Why Accidents Happen

They are due to negligence and ignoring safety standards that are required by law. OSHA standards and requirements for prevention of those accidents are to be adhered to by those property managers, businesses, and workers including areas around doorways, uneven surfaces, ladders, etc.

If you or your family have been hurt, even died, because of poor signage, inadequate construction safety, or poor maintenance, you might want to consider consulting someone experienced in these legal matters, such as a slip-and-fall accident and injury lawyer.

Should You Sue After A Fall?

You may ask yourself if you really need an attorney. I mean, everyone has been known to trip occasionally. Do you really need one? Those in major metropolitan areas of Texas should not discount their injuries they acquired. Instead, an accident attorney can examine your case to better determine if you have legal right to sue; most importantly if there is, or isn’t, some sort of negligence involved (like a hazard to one’s property that should be fixed previous to the injury). Common property related issues that may result in a slip-and-fall lawsuit include:

  1. Slippery surfaces without noticeable warning signs
  2. A “broken surface” with no covering, such as a pothole or a manhole, with no warnings or coverings
  3. Remains from construction or other related debris
  4. Inadequately lit walkways or entrances

And more.

Business are required, regularly by law, to take those precautions to prevent their customers from being at risk of personal injury from falls. They are obligated to maintain floors in a specific way, including conducting frequent surveys of their walkways to assure properly lit passages, and have clear warnings and signs available during cleanup. An example: A wet spot on the ground is not just a simple puddle, but a safety concern that should be taken care of immediately by the property owner.

It is paramount that you understand your rights if you’ve been injured in an accident caused by negligence. Whether or not you have a strong case, you need to be sure that you are not needlessly suffering from pain, medical expenses, mental anguish, loss of income or wages.